About the Author

I am sixteen years old. I live in Oklahoma, USA. I am a sinner. I am redeemed by grace. I believe in a God of second chances. I believe that God loves me, and that Jesus died for me. I love God, and will die for his sake. I have no education in writing, but I love writing and will use it for God’s glory. If you think I am a boring writer and unlearned in my words, that’s okay, because I am not here to impress you with my skills. If, however, you find yourself closer to God, I can be satisfied, for that was the sole reason I made this blog: to help people understand and love a greatly mysterious (yet extremely simple) God.

What I love most (from the most loved to least loved):
Writing (I really love writing, but it is behind people. After all, it would be useless without people to read it)
Nutty Bars®
The earth

The author,


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