The Contradictory Agreement

Transcends to comprehend; it all begins with the end.
The dark transpires within the fire, and now the wise will chase the wind.

The impossible is infallible, and perfection is attainable.
Indecision releases from prison, and the obvious is unexplainable.

Indifference burns with passion, the shrewd will fail to ration.
The bloody brawl against the squall, death is murdered by a lively assassin.

Whence is origin now, and where does emptiness abound?
Where the rose arose, to goes to fro, as the deaf hear the blind see the sound.

The clock’s out of time, and poetry fails to rhyme.
Summer falls down whilst winter springs and bounds, the foolish wisely decide their wickedness sublime.

All poverty is spent, forever came and went.
The dead will die and shameless cry, presently, we shall begin.


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