Discontent (Your Love)

Why am I discontent?
For what do I long?
My heart feels contempt,
My mouth has no song.

I gathered riches,
But I knew not the cost,
Though I gained the world,
My soul then was lost.

I’ve been in poverty,
How bitter the plight,
Against the mockers fist,
Thence I had no right.

I have tasted folly,
The flesh’s sweet pleasure,
But naught did it console me,
Nor in it any treasure.

I obtained wisdom,
And gained great knowledge,
Yet still I should perish,
Just as do the lawless.

I have read Your word,
And remembered Your precepts,
I followed Your law,
Walked the path without defect.

Yet I am unworthy,
And done not what you expect,
All my righteousness,
Is what You detest.

I gave to my brother,
And did righteous deeds,
I honored my father,
And followed his lead.

Yet honorable doings,
Is not what I need,
I’m nothing without love,
No matter my plead.

If I have not love,
I have not Your grace,
If I have not love,
I am a disgrace.

If not my love,
Runs unyielding,
Let me perish in the dark,
For my lack of caring.

If my only desire,
Is not You alone,
May I begone to the fire,
Where Satan is thrown.

If I may have nothing,
On earth and above,
I ask of You this one thing,
Lord, give me Your love.

Braeden Frantz,


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