Finding Our Source: Part One

The origin of us is of utmost important to our behavior. Our purpose (or lack thereof) is all determined by what made us. I will attempt to find our source, and explain the properties of it. All comments are appreciated, even if your views differ from mine.

God Is

‘God is’ is the most fundamental belief in Christianity. If that is not true, nothing else about Christianity is. There is no Christianity without an authoritative Creator. How do I know such a being exists? Let us solve this with indirect proof. First, however, let me establish a Theorem.
I have a truck. I did not buy it. I found it. One day, when I was walking down the street, a tornado raged through a junkyard and threw the scrap metal together to form the truck before my very eyes.
That probably sounds crazy; that is because it is. Beautiful things do not happen by accident. An artist does not make a painting by randomly throwing paint in the air. You can put your Legos in the box and throw them on the floor as many times as you want, but you are never going to have a Lego City. No, when you see a car, or a painting, or a Lego city, you automatically attribute it to an intelligent creator.

The Creator Theorem: Beautiful/complex things are not formed by random happenstances. They are made by an intelligent creator.

Suppose there is not a God. If there is no God, then the Universe was not created. This contradicts the Creator Theorem. Thus, the original statement is false, and our conclusion must be that there is a God.

Finite — having limits or bounds.

A car is finite. Its horsepower, torque, speed, and the distance it can travel are all limited. If you can destroy something, its power is limited, making it finite. I can destroy a wall, thus it is finite. Finite things have beginnings and ends. Their time is limited. Finite things have a cause.

Infinite — limitless.

Something infinite is not limited by anything, not even time or space. Its power is not limited.

Some think the universe is infinite, and while its dimensions appear to be, the universe itself is not infinite. Scientists have predicted that the universe will one day cease to exist—come to destruction. The universe, then, is finite.
Hence, the universe has a beginning. The universe must have a cause. A finite cause, such as a Big Bang, cannot satisfy, for there must be a cause for the Big Bang, a cause for its cause, and a cause for the cause’s cause etc. However, a limitless, infinite cause would not need a beginning, for it would not be limited by time. Thus we have an infinite and intelligent being: God, the Creator.



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