I’m broken down,
I cannot break free;
My hope’s destroyed,
My heart finds no peace.

I’m a weak man,
I have no power;
I am sinful,
A worthless coward.

What have I done,
That You should see me?
Have I beauty,
You should desire?

Am I righteous,
That You die for me?
Or have I might,
To lift me higher?

The galaxies,
You have put in place,
Death shall come to,
Those who see Your face,

You form and break,
The waves of the sea;
The world’s a lock,
And You hold the key.

What sin have you,
That I might absolve?
Have you trouble,
That I should resolve?

Have You reason,
To rest eyes on me?
Have You burdens,
That my hands should ease?

Now do I rise,
Up with no disguise,
See with Your eyes,
My enemy’s lies.

My Lord, see now,
Death pushes me down,
Lord hear my shout,
As my vexed heart pounds.

Manifest truth,
Your love be the proof,
My lot’s aloof,
I will trust in You.

My grip is loose,
Death prepares the noose,
What can I do,
Except trust in You?


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