Redemption Is Available to You

I know you’ve felt like a wretch; I’ve felt that way before.
I know you’ve felt hopeless; I’ve thought the same.
I know you’ve sinned, and stained your beauty.
I know you’ve felt worthless; I know the pain.

I know you are lost; I know your blind eyes.
I know you feel unlovable, and so have I.
I know you’ve cried, alone in your room.
Even though you’re unworthy, God will make you alive.

Even though you’re evil, He sent His son to you.
He knows what you’ve done, yet His love never ends.
You think you’ve gone to far; you think you can’t be saved.
But there’s nothing in the world His power can’t transcend.

Jesus died on the cross, and rose again for your sins.
He brought you forgiveness, by His divine plan.
Redemption is available to you, broken and unworthy.
For God is reaching out His hand.

Are you going to take it?

Braeden Frantz,


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