A Different Outlook on Pain

We all wish for our lives to be easy. We all think of a good day as a day where nothing went wrong. We pray for God to protect us, that we may have a good day. We ask the Lord for good health, for money, and to pass every test we take.
We all want a painless life, yet the happiest people I see always seem to be the ones who have gone through the most adversity. This holds true almost without exception. Time and time again, in historical figures and people I know, the ones that seem kindest and closest to God are ones that have experienced the most pain.
This has given me different outlook on pain. Perhaps, this pain we fear should not be threatening to us. Maybe our greatest fear should be that we never get to experience adversity and betrayal as Jesus did. Think about it: pain is a perfect tool for gaining wisdom. When one faces trials, one realizes how weak one is. One finds that one cannot make it on one’s own. One learns to turn every thing over to God and to submit to His power. When one experiences pain, one gains the ability to understand the pain of others. When one realizes the wretchedness of oneself, one can be content in every situation, for one then realizes the very life one has is a blessing, and more than one deserves. When all the worthless possessions are stripped away, one realizes the only way to happiness is to submit one’s will to God, the only worthy One, and then continuously retain the joy of the Lord through the worship of Him.

Braeden Frantz,


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