A Man of Different Ways

The darkness lights the earth,
Silence rings through men’s ears,
And the greatest of powers,
Is conquered by fear;

But a man of different ways came into the world,
He spoke of hope and faith, of things unseen,
The frightened men adhered to the message,
They wanted to make him king;

But this man was of humble origins,
He was a man of noble birth,
He refused the glamour of kingship,
For he had come to serve;

When darkness saw this light,
Which seemed to be gaining favor,
They plotted to kill this man,
For the last thing the world needed was a Savior!

So they arrested the man,
Put him through a world of hurt,
Nailed him to the cross,
And put Him in the dirt;

But light was too powerful,
To be held by darkness’ snare,
And in three days he conquered death,
And rose up in the air;

Now the bondage of pain,
No longer holds the keys,
Because Jesus is alive,
And now we are free.

Braeden Frantz,


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