Who Is Your God?

I have a question for you: would you rather be eighty years old and rich, or eighteen years old and poor?
Most, when I asked them this same question, said they would rather be eighteen years old and poor.
When asked explain, all said something like: ‘I still have the chance to get rich later on.’

Yes, so that, eventually, you can be eighty years old and rich.

In other words, they would rather be at the beginning of the journey than at the end. If you would rather be at the beginning of your journey than at the end, then that journey is not really worth taking.
This may seem confusing, so I will try to make things clearer with an example.

There was a man traveling from Texas to New York, and someone asked him about his journey. He asked him a question, “Would you rather be in Texas, or New York?”
A bit confused by the question, the journeyer ponder a moment, before promptly stating “Texas.”
The questioner then asked one innocent question, “Why are you traveling to New York?”

Why are you trying to be rich? People’s answers to the question I mentioned in the first paragraph shows that most people value life more than money, and they know that riches will not last forever nor will they make you live forever. Why, then, do we live for money? You know money has no eternal value; why is attaining it your highest priority?

What has eternal value? The Lord.

God is the only thing that possesses eternal value.

Once you come to that realization, your life will change forever. Once giving glory to God is your one priority, you will find true happiness.

What, then, is the correct answer to the question? It does not matter if you are eighty or eighteen, or rich or poor, what matters is who your God is.

Is YHWH your God?

Braeden Frantz,


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