A Love So Great (A Prayer)

Lord, I feel so stupid sometimes.
I forget what to do and screw up things.
When trouble comes, I run and hide.
Yet You tell me You love me more than anything.

I do things I shouldn’t.
Yet I’m more beautiful than the sky.
You told me to go and I wouldn’t.
But You love me above the mountains high.

You own endless galaxies with stars aglow.
But I’m the one You made to shine.
You possess the ocean waters and depths below.
Yet ’tis me with whom You share glory divine.

You have beauty abundant, more than man could measure.
But I am the one You want to see.
You made every island, and own every treasure.
Yet above all You treasure me.

What have I done to deserve?
Have I done some righteous deed?
I have not faith to serve.
Not even that of a mustard seed.

‘Tis a love too great to describe.
What have I done that You should care?
Your love goes forever deep and wide.
‘Tis a love that cannot be earned, only shared.

Braeden Frantz,


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