Equality of Marriage

Now, I have never been married before, so I do not dare claim to have it all figured out, yet I do not understand why women want equality in marriage. When a man and woman marry, they become one, but not necessarily equal. Just as a body has more than one part, and one part dominating the other, a marriage has two parts, one dominating the other. Yet inferiority does not equal unnecessariness. A mind, though superior to the body, is nothing without it.

The man shall lead, and the woman shall follow. Leading takes great responsibility, for your decisions effect not only you, but whoever follows you. That is why it is of utmost importance to be righteous and considerate with each decision you make. Though men, in the end, make the decision, it does not at all mean they should not look for advice. Even if one is smarter than the other, it does not mean that the other will never be right while the one is wrong. Men should be wary, leading is a great responsibility.

But I also think that following is the most hazardous of the two. The decisions of the man effect you directly, when you do not control them. This is why women should very carefully choose who they marry. Leading is a very difficult responsibility, and if a man is not fit to lead, do not choose to follow him!

Equality does not work in a marriage. Jesus claims to be the groom, while the church is His bride. Should the church then have equality with God? No, there must be a leader and a follower. Two leaders will only make the relationship more incompatible. If both have the same authority and two different opinions, which opinion, then, should be followed?

Men, you must lead while you follow. The only way to righteously lead is to sincerely follow. God must be your leader; He must guide your actions, for your own judgement is imperfect.

There is one thing I can promise about marriage: it will not be easy. Relationships are always complicated, and the closer they get, the harder they get. So as far as I understand, marriage is the closest relationship you will have, and the hardest.

Braeden Frantz,


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