A Child of God

When you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, what did you see? Was it beautiful, or was it ugly? Was it appalling? Someone you hate? Did you see a face of someone lost, with nowhere to go, and no one who loves them?

What you saw may vary, but what God sees will always be the same. What God sees is His child. A child more beautiful than a star or a painting or all of nature. And when God saw that child, He wept. He wept that the child would make it back home. He could have made the child come home, but He wanted a child who came to Him by choice. He wanted love, the same thing you looked in the mirror this morning and searched for, finding none. But open your eyes! There is love. God loves you. He longs for you as you long for your next meal. He longs for you as you long for your next breath. Come to Him and He will not forsake you. Life will not be any easier, but you will have one thing: hope. You will have hope in Christ, who died to save a wretched being like you. You have hope because Jesus has made you His righteousness.

You try to fill yourself up with pleasure and popularity and what the world calls love. You long to be wanted, so you try unendingly to be physically beautiful, yet the only beauty that is really satisfying is in the love that God so longs for you to possess.

The world will reject you, scorn you for your idiocy, scoff at your weakness, and kill you for your love. You will go through horrible pain, but you won’t go alone. You have God at your side. You have hope that tomorrow will be a good day, not because it will be convenient, or because you will get hordes of money, or because everything will be easy, no, it will be a good day because you have the joy that comes with God’s love deep inside your heart. It is irrefutable, irreplaceable, and irremovable.

So when you look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow, see what God sees: a child who possesses beauty that can never be taken. A creation with the beauty of God’s artistry. A child who could never be more beautiful, or more loved. See yourself, a child of God.


One thought on “A Child of God

  1. Braeden.. Wow so many times I’ve looked in in the mirror and didn’t want to look back . From failure or rejected. But you are so right God sees me as his beautiful child! 🙂 thank you for reminding us of that. I will look in the mirror differently tomorrow. God is using you to help others. So proud of you 🙂

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