Let Go

What is it? What is holding you back from your full potential use to the Lord? Fear? Pride? Lust? Greed? Anger? I have been looking for whatever it is that I cannot let go for the Lord. What can you not let go? Is it a relationship? Comfort? Money? An addiction? Popularity?
Let me tell you a story I heard at church today:

There was a man, and he gave his daughter a pearl necklace because he loved her. It was not a real pearl necklace, but it was a cheap plastic one. She loved the necklace, and wore it everywhere. She wore it when she took a bath, when she slept, and when she played in the mud, because it made her feel like a princess. One night, when her father was putting her to bed, he asked, “I would really like that necklace back. Can I have it?”
She said no, because it was her most prized possession in the world. She would trade everything else she owned for that necklace. He tucked her in bed and left.
The next night, he asked her again, “I would really like that necklace back. Can I have it?”
Again she refused, and he tucked her in bed. This happened several nights in a row, and then one day, when he came in, his daughter was sitting on her bed, bawling. He sat by her and asked her what was wrong. She reached under her pillow and pulled out her necklace and held it out for him. He took it, put it in his pocket, and reached into his other pocket. Out he pulled a case. He opened it to reveal a real pearl necklace.

This story illustrates God’s desire for you. He has given you something good: your life. If you will just give it to Him, He will give you something so much greater. You must find whatever it is you are holding on to. Find it, and let go.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. ~Jim Elliot

Braeden Frantz,


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