Christmas: The Reason for the Season

Since Thanksgiving is over and it is officially Christmas (apparently), I thought I would write a post about, well, Christmas, of course. People get way too caught up in the gifts and the decorations and the family and whatnot, but forget the real reason of Christmas: to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. That’s pretty much the second greatest event in all of history. Number one would be the death and resurrection of Christ. So, for a second, let us set aside the presents, Santa (do not get me started), the egg nog, and the family. Focus on Jesus. He gave up all His splendor in heaven. He gave up all His glory, so that He could come down to earth and live a life as a man—a poor man, that is—to ultimately die a painful death to redeem us. That is awesome. To think that someone would do that for me, a man so undeserving, is heartwarming.

Is that what you had on your mind today? Is that what you will have on your mind this coming Christmas? It is still a long time before the actual Christmas occurs, but I think I made this post at a good time, before it is too late and you have already blown through Christmas without even a thought of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Remember what Christ-mas is about: Christ. So think about Jesus’s sacrifice this Christmas, it is what it is all about.

Braeden Frantz,


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