Is God Evil?

Is God evil? First, we need to define what evil is: evil is the absence of good. Evil is not a thing; no more than darkness is a thing. Darkness is the absence of light. It is not a thing. Can you take darkness and make it darker? Darkness isn’t. If darkness were, you could give me darker darkness. Evil is not a thing, but the absence of good.

Is God evil? You might ask that. You might ask questions like: “If God is good, why did my father die?” or “If God is good, why does He send people to hell?” or “If God is good, why did He create Satan?”. I can understand all those questions. They are all asked by people who have gone through much pain. But you need to realize this and never forget it: pain is not evil. Pain is good. Pain tells you that you are alive. Pain tells you something is wrong. Pain teaches you how to act in the future. When have you learned something worth knowing without pain involved?

God is not evil for letting you go through pain. If I let my son touch something hot and burn himself so that he will learn not to touch hot things, am I evil? I did not force him to touch it, but I did not stop him, and as a result, he has learned something useful. That does not seem evil, but quite the contrary.

God is not evil for sending people to hell. In fact, He does not send people to hell, anyway. He allows them to go to hell by freewill. Is that evil? Let us say I have a wife who wants to leave me and find someone else. If she leaves, I know she will only find a broken heart. I tell her that she will be brokenhearted if she leaves but allow her to choose for herself what to do. If she leaves and gets a broken heart, am I a wicked husband? Have I done a despicable act by allowing her to leave? Would it have been good for me to force her to stay with me so that she would not have a broken heart? No, it would not. If someone forces someone to love them, there is not really love involved by either person. Love can only occur when there is choice. God wants people who love Him. Therefore, He allows people to choose either Him or evil.

Why did God create Satan? God created Satan as good. He was the most powerful angel. He was the most beautiful angel. It was Satan who chose to be evil. But God knew He would do that, right? Why, then, would God knowingly create something with the potential to become evil? Because of love. That may sound odd to you. God created Satan, the author of lies, because of love? Yes. If it were not for Satan, the one who introduced evil to the world, there would be no choice. You see, without evil, we would have no other choice but to live God’s way; it would be the only way. But because God created Satan, who became ruler of evil, we have a choice: to be ruled by God or Satan. Now that we have a choice, we can show God actual love. Also, without Satan, there would be no fall of man, and no need for a remedy, no need for the greatest sacrifice in all of time. Don’t you get it? God made Satan to give Himself the opportunity to show us His extravagant love and to give us the ability to choose, thus the ability to love.

God is good. Or, more accurately, good is God. If you want to be good, be like God.

Next time you wonder, “Is God evil?” remember the answer, and that God even had awesome and divine reasons for creating Satan.

Braeden Frantz,


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