Flaws of Evolution: Part Two

Well, this is Flaws of Evolution: Part Two, and I will be talking about this flaw of evolution:

Morality—Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad decisions.

So, why can’t morality reconcile with evolution?

First of all, if we all have evolved from monkeys who evolved from something else and something else etc., why are we the only ones with morality? Doesn’t that distinct us from other animals? Doesn’t that make us special? Why should we be special if we are just animals?

Also, if life were made by chance, and everything here were something which evolved from that, why do humans have morality? Where is its origin? We couldn’t have made it up, for it would be inconsistent. For if it is something humans made, and not permanent, it would therefore change in different cultures. But, in fact, morality seems to be something permanent. No matter which culture I’m in, shooting someone’s wife in the face is considered wrong. Morality seems to be something that is embedded in human hearts.

Nothing can be embedded into something unless something embeds it there. Hence, something must have embedded morality into our hearts. The theory of evolution does not have such a thing.

As you should see, morality is at odds with evolution.

Braeden Frantz,


11 thoughts on “Flaws of Evolution: Part Two

  1. I think the key here is carefully defining what exactly morality is. Animals certainly have a sense of “morality”, not in the way we think about problems, but they are capable of discerning between actions leading to survival and actions leading to demise. Obviously animals care for their young as well (otherwise they would be extinct)….does that qualify under “morality”? If not, what exactly separates our sense of morality from that of an animal?

    One could say that our human morality allows us to consider problems beyond simple survival. This however, could be consolidated with evolution as it is a result of our increased capacity to think. The human brain is much more complex and organized than those of other animals. Just as earlier animals evolved the ability to fly or to regulate body temperature, we have developed an advanced brain for thinking.

    Furthermore, the sense of right and wrong is certainly not universal across all cultures. Sure, the obvious ones (like murdering one’s own wife) is likely to be against all culture’s moral system…but what about things like contraception or pre-martial sex? I believe that morality is a human construct that we made to allow us to work together better in society.

    I look forward to hearing your further thoughts.

    • If evolution is true, and life is just an accident, we have no purpose, no goal in life. None but our own survival. Why, then, would people help those in Haiti after the earthquake? Why would we care if there’s a tsunami in Japan? The happenings halfway across the world should be of no concern to us, for they don’t effect our individual lives. Pity is not a survival technique. If our goal is self-survival, compassion for others is useless; why evolve something useless?

      If someone trips you on accident, would you be angry? Probably not, even though it caused you displeasure. If someone tried to trip you but failed, chances are you’d be angry, but why? If your survival is your only goal, why should the intentions of someone else anger you, provided that they did you no harm?

      Humans feel anger at evil intentions, and pity at others misfortune, even when they in no way effect them. If you are merely an animal, and survival is your goal, that seems pretty useless. Again I say, why evolve something useless?

      • I’m going to first respond to your points and then discuss what I think is the bigger picture.

        The idea of altruism, helping other members of your own species, actually has an evolutionary connection. You can read about it here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altruism_in_animals) but the basic idea is that helping your own species survive allows for genes similar/related to yours to be passed on. Evolution of morality is another topic that is commonly addressed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution_of_morality). I haven’t read through some of the philosophy on that one yet so I can’t comment much about it.

        Now, I think the bigger picture here is understanding what evolution does and does not do. Evolution does not mean that every creature will have perfect traits….it simply means that there is a process where certain useful traits will be selected for and passed on. It is after all, as you stated, a random process. If anything, the existence of so-called “useless traits” are supporting evidence for evolution, since a random process will produce undesirable results as a byproduct.

        We can look at two examples of why that is. One genetic trait that is frequently cited in high school biology is mid-digit hair, or hair that grows on your fingers between your knuckles/fingernails. Some of us have this trait and others do not. However, since it is not very much related to our survival and success, there is no selection pressure on it. In essence, one version of the gene will not be passed on at a higher rate than the other, so the variation remains. Another example is Huntington’s disease, a genetic disease that causes loss of motor and neural function late in life. However, since the disease does not really affect people until after they have children, there is no natural selection for people without the disease. The gene is already passed on before any symptoms occur. This is just one example of a “bad trait” that remains.

        I am curious as to why you state that these ideas: compassion, morality..etc. cannot be the result of our high brain function. We clearly have more advanced thinking than animals and so we can construct more complex social relations/rules than other animals can. Why must the existence of these concepts indicate evolution is false? My idea is that we have evolved to have higher brain functionality which allows us to construct these ideas to help us work better as a society, just as animals develop warning systems for predators or signaling methods to indicate the location of food.

      • Although I disagree with your analysis on where these concepts (compassion, morality..etc.) come form, I believe that your example actually shows why these traits are useful.

        If someone trips me on accident, I will probably not be angry since he meant no harm. However, if my perception allows me to judge his bad intent, I might conclude that he is trying to hurt me. At this point, my survival instincts might incite a response (anger..etc.) to allow me to better deal with him in the future. So in this sense, human instinct and judgement of intention is a survival instinct.

        My other comment brings up my more important point though: what exactly evolution does and does not do

  2. Braeden, I like your article about the Flaws of Evolution. There are a number of beliefs that are universal to all men. It’s always wrong to step in front of someone in a line and stealing is always wrong too. There is another flaw I see with evolution. The builder of the house is always greater than the house. In other words Bill Gates is much smarter than any software that he invented. It is unthinkable that you could create anything smarter or more complex than you. Evolution is flawed thinking because it demands that higher more complex beings come from lower forms of life. Keep up the great work!

    • I read your comments, and I disagree. Altruism is useless. What’s the point of “passing on” good genes? Passing on good genes helps more of my species in the future. Why should I care how future generations survive? They effect me even less than the people in Japan or Haiti or wherever else someone might be!
      You say our higher level of thinking created morality to help us survive together. Is it wrong for me to take over the whole world by killing thousands of people and making slaves out of those left? I think you could ask just about anyone and they would say it was wrong. But why is it wrong if I am just an animal? If I am an animal what is right for me to do is survive. If I take over the world, I will thrive. Yet I feel that killing and making slaves of people is wrong. But if what you say is true, we are all an accident, so they are just as worthless and purposeless as me, and I should have no hesitation to manipulate them for my own pleasure. I may not be surviving in a society, but I am surviving, what’s wrong with that (if I am a useless animal, of course)?
      Now, mid-digit hair doesn’t disprove evolution, but neither does it support it. Yes, there could be “bad traits” if evolution were true, but the existence of them does not mean evolution must be true.
      Dying for someone weaker is considered honorable. Why, then, is it honorable? It (obviously) doesn’t aid my survival. It doesn’t make the species stronger (which I shouldn’t be concerned about, anyways). Why is it honorable? Because Jesus Christ, the one whom we are made to imitate, died on a cross to save those who were weaker.

      • You are certainly welcome to try, but I doubt an attempt to take over the world will help your own or other people’s survival. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make with that story. I also have no idea where you are coming up with these statements like “dying for someone weaker is considered honorable”. You can’t just come up with a random statement and try to justify it in terms of evolution…look over what the theory of evolution is about, and what kind of processes it deals with. Evolution is a very important scientific idea but it explains some very specific thing, not every question we have about the universe.

        ” But if what you say is true, we are all an accident, so they are just as worthless and purposeless as me, and I should have no hesitation to manipulate them for my own pleasure.”

        I’m not sure what you mean by that either…we are all an accident/worthless/purposeless. I certainly hope you do not find your life to be worthless and purposeless. I definitely think that I have a number of accomplishments/contributions I can make to the world.

      • I do not find my life worthless and neither does Braeden. But only because we have found worth in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He lived and died on this earth for us and we will live and die on this earth for him. He rose from the dead for us and is now spending eternity in heaven. We will do the same. Without God you have no worth because at the end of the day you will die like everyone else. And the good things you did and had on earth will only add agony to your death. You will lose all you had. The more you have when you die the more you lose. Life is not worth it unless it has no end. A life that ends really was dead from the beginning. What good is it to make the world a better place? This world you will never see again. Is it for the people that come after you? If the world is a better place for them then they will only lose more when they die. Unless you have something beyond this life on earth this life is not worth it. Luckily for me I do. I have a God who will one day take me to heaven to live with him forever. And not for what I’ve done but for what He has done for me.

        Also, “dying for someone is considered honorable” is not a random statement. Have you not heard of the medal of honor. It is most commonly given to someone who dies for someone else.

        “Greater Love has no one than this: that one should lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13.

        If laying down your life for someone is the greatest love and is also honorable, love must be honorable. Why is love honorable? Why should you even honor someone? Honor is respect and admiration. Why do we admire acts of love? Because it is the right thing to do? Yes, it is the right thing to do. But why? Because it makes us feel better? No, you certainly wouldn’t feel better if you died for someone. To prolong the life of our species? Hmmm… that seems reasonable. But what good does it do to prolong the life our species? If there is no God prolonging our species makes more of our species to die, and thus more agony. Does God tell us dying for someone is the right thing to do? Yes, but not directly. Many times he tells us he is righteous

        “Your(God’s) righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.” Psalm 119:142

        “And the heavens proclaim his righteousness, for God himself is judge.” Psalm 50:6

        “The Lord has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations.” Psalm 98:2

        “Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever.” Psalm 111:3

        If the Lord is eternally righteous and honorable all he does must be righteous and honorable. He died for us. Hence dying for someone is righteous and honorable. If you don’t believe Jesus died for us what is the reason for honor, love, and righteousness? Where do they even come from? If love, honor, and righteousness are not defined by God they must be the arbitrary makings of man. In that case man, who must then live for his own happiness and pleasure, decided that it was good to die for someone else. That seems very foolish doesn’t it? If man were to choose what was wrong and right wouldn’t he choose something pleasant for himself? And how do I know it is foolish to choose that as honorable? If God doesn’t exist man must have chosen what is foolishness as well. Why would he decide that choosing that dying for someone else is foolish? Why would he choose that his own acts were foolish? Being righteous, loving, honorable, or good is being like God. Why is being like God being good? Because God is Good. Why is God Good? Because He is.

        God said said to Moses “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” Exodus 3:14

        God is who he is. Take light for example. Light is bright. Anyone would agree. By very nature it is bright. What makes it bright? It just is. Brightness is a consequence of light. You can’t have the brightness without the light or the light without it being bright. Or take liquid for example. Liquid is wet. What makes it wet? Once again, it just is. You can’t have wetness without liquid nor can you have liquid that is not wet. In the same way God is good. He just is. You cannot have goodness without God nor can you have a God that is not good. Just as light is the source of brightness God is also the source of goodness. However, just as bright does not define light good does not define God. He is indescribable. He is the I AM.

      • My point was that killing people and enslaving them is considered wrong. I would feel I had done something wrong if I had killed thousands of people and enslaved thousand of others. If my only goal were self-survival, why would I feel I had done something wrong by killing someone as an aid to my own survival? Survival IS my goal, right? That’s what I would do by taking over the world: survive. Therefore, I should not feel ashamed (if I believed in evolution).

        I did not say my life is worthless. I said if evolution were true, my life would be worthless. If I am just an animal, I am destined to die. What good is it for me to gather wealth that will just be lost when I die? What good is it for me to become wise, if my wisdom will die away with me? What good is it for me to make the world a better place? Who will bring me back to see what has happened after I have died? I gain nothing from my toil under the sun.

        Without God, everything is meaningless. And everything cannot be meaningless. Meaninglessness is the absence of meaning. There cannot be an absence of meaning, unless meaning exists. James cannot be absent from a room unless he exists and is able to be present in the room. Also, if you and I and many others know what meaning is, it must exist, or we would not even know what it is. Evolution cannot be true, for if it is, everything is meaningless, and everything is not meaningless.

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