The Way to Glorify God

I love listening to music. In fact, I’m listening to music as I write this. But why do I listen to music? Why do I sing? I sing to glorify God. God must be glorified. Well, what does it mean to glorify God, anyways? Here’s the definition of glorify:

Glorify – Reveal or make clearer the glory of God by one’s actions.

What is glory?

Glory – High renown or honor won by one’s achievements.

Glory also can mean magnificence, or beauty.

So glorifying God is showing how great He is and how much He deserves by our actions. Did you hear that? I said “actions”, and not “words.” From that, I conclude glorifying God is more about lifestyle, and less about words. Yes, it is good to give God words of praise, but to truly glorify God you must live the way He wants you to. But how does He want you to live? He wants you to live like Jesus. Therefore, the way to glorify God is to imitate Jesus.

Braeden Frantz,


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