Don’t Stay Disconnected

Have you ever played with an RC car? It won’t work if it cannot get connection with the person controlling it. In some ways, we are like an RC car. If we get “disconnected” from God, we won’t work right. That’s why we need to pray. But how should we pray? Don’t just ask God for help in troubled times, or praise the Lord (which are good things to do), but listen to God, as well. He may speak to you audibly, He may give you signs, or He may just put the feeling in your heart. He may not even speak to you the same way every time. I don’t know how He will speak to you, but when He does, you better be listening.

Having trouble listening? Try to get distractions out of the way. Movies, video games, work, music, and even your own prayers to Him might get in the way. Don’t spend too much time talking to God. Don’t you just hate it when there’s that one person who just talks and talks and never gives anyone else the chance to speak? Don’t do that to God! I remember when I used to ask God over and over to speak to me, but I never heard Him. Why? Because I wouldn’t shut up and listen! When you’re talking to someone, if you ask them over and over and over to speak to you, they won’t get the chance to speak to you. If you want them to speak, close your mouth, and open your ears. Do the same with the Lord.

If you’ve ever played with an RC car, you know it can be tough work keeping control over it. But when God controls us, it’s not like that. God won’t steer you into a wall. He’ll send you down the right path. Listen to God, do what He says, and things will turn out right.

Braeden Frantz,


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