Ned’s Lesson

Here’s a poem I wrote; it is from the perspective of a sheep named Ned who learns about the power of character and friendship:

Once upon a time there was an enchanted land,
Which was roamed by many sheep and lambs

And Lamoose was the biggest and strongest of them all,
While I, Ned, was so very small

All the others thought them better because they were strong,
But I knew different I knew that they were wrong

There was a cave hidden behind a stone,
It was twelve feet by ten and very well known

The space was just big enough for me to get through,
But much too small for the size of the great Lamoose

So while he and the others shivered in the cold,
I was in the cave protected from all the snow

So I bragged and said, “Who’s powerful tonight?”
They just turned their backs for they knew I was right

But then suddenly without a clue,
A large rock fell and nearly pierced me through

Just when I thought I had troubles no more,
I realized that the rock had covered the door

And when the other sheep saw I was trapped,
Instead of coming to my rescue they all just laughed

When I tried to push my own way out,
I was much too small without a doubt

And they said “Now who’s greater than the great Lamoose?”,
And I just sadly turned for what they said was true

I wished I was big like Lamoose the great,
Being so small I very much did hate

And then as if I had magical powers,
I grew to the size of Lamoose within a single hour

I pushed and pushed with all my strength,
And the rock rolled a very large length

I cried with joy I was finally free,
Then I nearly fainted because of my agony

The hole I made was of no use,
Because now I was big, big as Lamoose

So I sat down by the hole and I stared through,
And wondered and wondered what I should do

After I had sat for many days,
A new sheep arrived into this place

Even though they were so hostile,
She gave the sheep kindness all the while

And then she left saying, “I bid thee farewell.”,
Then picked up her pace and left the green lush dell

Though she had so quickly came and then gone,
Her influence and kindness still carried along

The sheep had changed they were friendly you see,
Then I heard them talking, talking about me

They said to themselves “Look at that poor poor sheep.
If we all work together we might just break him free!”

So they all worked together and broke my stone prison,
I was so grateful for the forgiveness that they had given

“I am so sorry.” is what I then said,
They said, “Forget about it. You are forgiven, oh Ned.”

So I never again worried if being big or small was needed the most,
For then I had found that friendship was more powerful than both

Braeden Frantz,


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